• Bailey Saddlemire

    UU Youth and Young Adult

    As a youth I had the privilege to be mothered and cared for by Christina and I am forever grateful. Working together on the UUA Board of Trustees, she's always an advocate for Youth and for making sure our voices are heard, respected and acted upon. In times of tragedy and trauma and deep difficulty, she was always there with a calming presence and just what I needed to hear. Christina is an irreplaceable source of comfort in my life and I only wish that others could know the joy of being mentored by her as well.

  • Rev. Katie Romano Griffin

    Christina is a patient and kind educator who knows how to craft a program that moves people along a pedagogical arc to true and lasting change. She is also a fierce social justice warrior who continues to build capacity within our Unitarian Universalist movement to hold the system accountable to living into its espoused values.

  • Rev. María Uitti McCabe

    I can’t speak highly enough of Christina Rivera’s gifts for the sensitive and difficult work of living into our (anti-racism) values. She brings the clarity of a true prophetic voice, courage honed by her experience, and the kindness of a born teacher. She understands systems and she understand individuals. It s a joy and a blessing for me to share this path with her.

  • Takiyah Nur Amin, Ph.D.

    Christina's particular mix of leadership, candor, skills and commitment to justice-making position her ideally to assist institutions in making lasting change. Her mix of non-nonsense, bold communication and compassionate engagement make her excellent to work with groups across perceived differences. I am especially proud to count her as a colleague and friend in this work at the intersection of faith and justice.

  • Nora Rasman

    I have had the pleasure of working with Christina over the last few years in a series of organizing contexts within and outside of Unitarian Universalism. I have learned so much from her generous presence, clarity and commitment to our articulated values of dismantling white supremacy and steady and consistent follow-through. Chris is the real deal. I think her patience, rigor, love and deep belief in peoples' ability to be transformed make her and extraordinary coach and highly recommend her.

  • Aisha Houser

    Co-Founder UUWhiteSupremacyTeachIn

    Christina Rivera leads with strength, compassion and a demonstrated love for justice. We've worked closely on the UU White Supremacy Teach In and I have learned so much from Christina's leadership and grace. She teaches and encourages through modeling and truth telling.

  • Rev. Makanah Morriss

    Leadership Development Retreat

    As a retired U.U. minister, I had the opportunity to experience Chris' facilitation skills at a leadership development retreat she lead for the members of the church of which I am a member. Her presentation, facilitation, encouragement and listening were "gifts" to those present. The framework she offered was what the participants needed to get a firmer, more effective understanding and process for growth and diversity. Chris modeled how to give space to all and how to always be asking the bigger questions. All of us present that day learned a great deal.

  • Leslie Mac

    Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism Organizing Collective

    Christina has an uncanny ability to work through conflict in a way that builds safe, secure community. Her integrity in the face of difficulty inspires me as a person of faith. She has all the skills necessary to accomplish the goals of your project and more critically she possess an understanding of equality and justice that will allow your social justice & community building goals to soar.

  • Julica Hermann de la Fuente

    Anti-Racism Training & Coach

    Christina Rivera is a truth-teller. The unique intersection of her experiences as a UU religious educator, administrator and her service at the denominational level gives Chris a clear and complex understanding of how to help institutions and systems change in the service of justice. She is gifted in seeing and naming opportunities for change and transformation. I personally consider Chris my soul sister and one of my closest colleagues in the work of anti-racism and anti-oppression, and I consult with her frequently. If you are looking for someone to journey with you in this work, you need Chris on your team. Hire her immediately.

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