• Bystander Intervention Training

    You are in the grocery store and there is white woman who is loudly berating a woman of color for standing too close to her. What do you do? Most people would like to intervene but just don’t know how. In Bystander Intervention Training, we teach you how to assess the situation and then act in a way that centers the needs of person in peril.

  • Anti-Racism Diversity Training

    Sometimes called Diversity Training, what we are really talking about is the ways in which organizations can enhance their cultures and structures in order to support centering voices that historically have been on the margins. This is not done to put a great photo on your welcoming brochure but rather to fundamentally address the inequities that lay at the center of our organizational systems. Because we know that when organizations do this they blossom, thrive, and grow. CTJ will work with your organization to meet you where you exist and coach you on your move to the next level. Just starting out thinking about diversity? No problem, we’ll make sure you’re asking the right questions and help frame the answers. Already been at this Diversity thing for a while? Let us review where you’ve been and coach you on the next phase. Stuck? We’ll help you get unstuck by applying a anti-racism anti-oppression multicultural rubric that will examine all aspects of your organization.

  • Equity Assessments for churches & non-profits

    Equity Assessments will help your organization quickly ascertain where it is at and where it can go in its work towards dismantling structural inequality and embodying justice.

  • Individual & Small Group Coaching

    Sometimes it is helpful to have someone who knows the right questions to ask so that you can get to impactful answers. One on one or small group coaching can set you on that path.

  • Retreats - Day, Weekend or Week

    Does your organization struggle with focus and mission? A facilitated retreat will help find areas of expertise upon which to build powerful expressions of your mission...in your community and the world.

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