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As a Boricua Chicana my Call to Justice began as a child in the barrios and valleys of Los Angeles. That upbringing focused on our cultural values of collaboration, integrity and liberation. Currently, I am Co-Lead Minister for the Church of the Larger Fellowship Unitarian Universalist. Previously, I served as Director of Administration and Finance at the Unitarian Universalist church in Charlottesville, Virginia and prior to that I was Director of Religious Education at the UU Fellowship of Waynesboro. I've also been a marketing and IT professional.


In 2014 I was the first Latina elected to the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Board of Trustees, re-elected to a second term in 2017, and appointed Secretary of the Association. In 2017 I wrote an essay “On being a good ‘fit’ for the UUA”, calling out the white supremacy in hiring decisions at the UUA. This essay went on to receive national news coverage as more and more focus was brought to faith-based organizations dealing with white supremacy culture in their midst.


As a response to the UUA turmoil, I co-created  with Aisha Hauser and Kenny Wiley the #UUWhiteSupremacyTeachIn. The UUTeachIn is a collaborative effort of religious educators, created to organize and support congregations in their efforts at identifying and addressing white supremacy within their structures.

In 2018, I founded Called to Justice, a faith-based coaching group focused on impactful Leadership Development for churches, non-profits and other organizations committed to justice.


My goal for Called to Justice is to develop lasting relationships with organizations and support you as you move deeper into understanding how white supremacy culture impacts your organization.


I specialize in assessing your organization, co-creating effective plans for actively dismantling structural inequality, and coaching your leadership team through a process that is liberating, challenging, and joyful. At times, I collaborate with other coaches who bring specific skill sets which may be needed for your particular organization.


My husband Chris and twin sons Andreas and Miguel, along with the ancestors, are the foundational support for my calling to justice ministry.




Leslie Mac

Christina has an uncanny ability to work through conflict in a way that builds safe, secure community. Her integrity in the face of difficulty inspires me as a person of faith. She has all the skills necessary to accomplish the goals of your project and more critically she possess an understanding of equality and justice that will allow your social justice & community building goals to soar.


Julica Hermann de la Fuente

Christina Rivera is a truth-teller. The unique intersection of her experiences as a UU religious educator, administrator and her service at the denominational level gives Chris a clear and complex understanding of how to help institutions and systems change in the service of justice. She is gifted in seeing and naming opportunities for change and transformation. If you are looking for someone to journey with you in this work, you need Chris on your team. Hire her immediately.


Rev. Makanah Morriss

Your presentation, facilitation, encouragement, and listening were

all gifts to us. The framework you offered us is exactly what we need right now as we try to get a firmer, more effective understanding and process for growth and diversity. You modeled how to give space to all and to always be asking the bigger questions. 


This was one of the best and most useful leadership retreats we've taken part in since we moved here 12 years ago.


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